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ANGER AS ART- 2004- 2006

The self titled record that started it all.

Recorded and conceived by Steve Gaines in his bedroom studio. Classic and long out of print. Available only on ebay for any collector. May see a reissue soon...


The 3rd slab of hate. This time the band was rebuilt from scratch and it shows! Bristling with hatred and aggression, that only veterans of

the genre can muster. Memorably brutal. The next logical step without abandoning what was intended in the first place. Available now from OSM


The sophomore release, this time with a full working lineup. Well received in the metal underground. Check it out!


HUBRIS INC.-  2013

Album #4 is HERE! Full bore, no sublety. This is AAA at their most focused and deadly. Almost an hour of full throttle, ice pick in the forehead old school thrash!! Get it now! Available on cd and Limited Special Edition full color picture disc.

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